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The day Truth Diamond and her dog, Razz, find a woman’s charred handat one the Golden West Resort’s campsites, is the day her busy lifespins out of control. A search for a body turns up nothing. Truth believes her resort on Lost Girl Lake is in the clear, but when the rest of the body comes to light, the situation goes from bad to worse. She receives one of those “offers you can’t refuse” for the resort, her flirty young employee, Becca Keene, vanishes, and a camper is murdered.


That’s what Truth wants to know. Finding whoever is doing the killing should be quick and simple. Plenty of law enforcement is around. There’s Pratt, the quiet and appealing undercover FBI agent; Hunter, the dishy Fish and Wildlife officer; the Sheriff’s department detective and his hardworking deputy. Can’t anyone find Becca before she ends up gone forever? It’s beginning to look like Truth has to do everything herself, unless she becomes the next victim.

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Former soldier, Frankie McGill has returned home from Afghanistan minus half of her left foot and with a plate in her head. After some months in medical care, she’s ready to take on the new battle of finding and holding a job. But not just any job. Frankie is a combat-trained paramedic. When all she can find is a position in the small, mostly volunteer fire department of her old hometown, Frankie is immediately plunged into much more than dealing with her own trauma and holding down a job. She moves into a duplex that the previous tenant abruptly abandoned and quickly discovers someone has some dark secrets to hide—and they don’t care who they have to kill to keep them hidden. Will Frankie’s military training and experience be enough to save her life?




Border Patrol agent Lily Turnbow is fighting a terrorist for her life when everything around her dissolves into a maelstrom of light and thunder. Awakening 100 years later, she finds a ruined world in which
bands of mutants are at war with normal humans, and discovers she is as changed as her surroundings. Resurrected into a society only now beginning to recover from the Event that almost wiped out humanity, she has become a Cross-up, acquiring magical powers she never had before. Driven by a bewildering set of circumstances, she uses these powers for the good of the O'Quinn clan, a sword and horse society who have, against their better judgment, taken her in. But with few exceptions these people are not as appreciative of her help as one might expect.Even after killing one of her "own kind", the serial killer Philip Barnes - a Cross-up known in this time as Screenmaster - the O'Quinns view her with fear and suspicion. With the exception of O'Quinn cousin Nate Quick who is her most vocal advocate, the clan can't wait to get rid of her. Sent before the clan elders, her alternatives are banishment into a lonely, friendless world where no one trusts anybody - or death.

But Lily isn't willing to die - again.

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The raiders who capture Tomasella Iccasian and her six-year-old cousin, Prince Rhian, are in for a surprise. Not only is Tomasella a firebrand, but she is also a fledgling mage of raw, untrained power.

Discovering previously unplumbed depths of ingenuity in herself, Tomasella escape the raiders. Her next move is to recruit three mercenary soldiers as her private army. All of her talents are put to the test as she steps back into danger and, with her tiny force, determines to rescue her cousin from the raiders.

But to her sorrow, the reward on which she sets her heart seems bound to elude her.

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