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Time travel with a twist

Lost in time--and the only way home for this gunsmith is on a river of blood. Boothenay Irons, to her own bewilderment, is the possessor of a mysterious power. By profession a gunsmith, there is something within her that answers to the history held within an antique gun. Not only can she hear its story, she is sometimes able to go back in time and interact with its history. Blood, as she comes to realize, is the road that carries her between times. Her strange ability began as a teenager while restoring an old gun. She slipped into a trance and witnessed an event in the weapon's history. Later she was drawn closer and found herself back in time where the guns story was unfolding, and she was no longer herself...but instead she became the person holding the gun....

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Boothenay Irons possesses a power that allows her to go back in time and experience the history held within certain antique guns. This time it's a 1911 Colt .45 Automatic and it has a mysterious power of its own. When Boothenay's fiance, Caleb Deane, picked up the gun he immediately vanished and found himself in the midst of World War I. His only chance to return to the modern world is through Boothenay's extraordinary power. She must go back to 1917, find Caleb and bring him back.
But she needs help, which she gets from a enigmatic old man whose power is equal to her own, even though she fears his motives.  The thing is, she'll dare anything to save Caleb.

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Boothenay Irons is a most unusual gunsmith who is accustomed to the mysterious power within the antique guns in which she deals. That power is a catalyst, able to carry her into the past. What she isn't prepared for is a time-traveler from the future named Teagun Dill who is in need of her expertise. Dill kidnaps her and thrusts her forward in time. He needs her help to fight an outlaw gang who has taken over the Dill family's Crossroad Hotel. His promise to help her return to her own time causes her to consider her plight as well as his. Stranded and angry, unable to utilize her own power, Boothenay finds she must help create a future instead of relive the past.

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This time, even without seeing a gun, gunsmith Boothenay Irons knows something terrible is going to happen. It all started innocently enough when her boyfriend, Caleb, wanted to go look at an Appaloosa horse by the name of Six Shot that he saw advertised in the newspaper. Boothenay begged him not to, but to no avail. Reluctantly, Boothenay accompanies him to see the Nez Perce Indian owner and horse. She hopes that by staying in the car, and not getting anywhere near the horse or any guns, she can avoid any potential danger, or transcending time like she has in the past. But she is wrong . . .

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After a disastrous foul up in Boothenay's latest time-travel adventure, her long-time love, a traveler himself, has called their relationship quits. And, as if getting dumped isn't bad enough, she and her dog McDuff are inadvertently kidnapped, hijacked away to an alternate America that for all her extra abilities she never guessed existed. Boothenay soon finds herself embroiled in a strange mixture of family feud, political brouhaha and the fight over ownership of an immensely valuable energy source that powers everything from guns to airships.
But Boothenay's troubles aren't over yet. After her last adventure, it didn't appear her family was terribly glad when she turned up. A lot of problems-oh, call them troubles-appeared in the wake of her last time-traveling fiasco. Too much for her family to keep handling. It might be better for her to remain in this other America. Yet duty calls. Taken back through the veil, as a precaution, her escort says he'll wait one hour. If all is well, this is the end of everything. But is it?

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