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The China Bohannon Series


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Forthcoming from Five Star Cengage Publishing December 19, 2018
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Sepp Amsel, a fabulously successful gambling hall and saloonkeeper entrepreneur, is about to become the bridegroom in the most public wedding ever to take place in wild and woolly Spokane, Washington. He wants to engage China’s detective services when his fiancee’s sister is kidnapped and a substantial ransom demanded. There’s just one problem. The client thinks it’s possible he’s being bamboozled because things don’t quite add up. Only days remain for China to figure out why the sister was snatched and not the bride. But the clock is ticking. Worse, it isn’t long until murder becomes part of the equation. First a bellhop, then a tailor.

Who will be next? China had better find out soon, before she, too, becomes a target for murder.



The annual Interstate Fair is underway in Spokane, Washington. Derby Day is fast approaching. Bunco men and pickpockets abound, and the racing commission has hired the Doyle & Howe Detective Agency to patrol the fairgrounds. Smart and sassy bookkeeper China Bohannon is a career woman who’d rather sleuth than type. With her uncle, Montgomery Howe, and her heart’s desire, Gratton Doyle, attempting to keep the peace at the Corbin Park racetrack, China is in charge of the Doyle & Howe office. On the second day of the meet, a fourteen-year-old girl shows up at the office, seeking the detectives’ help in a case of what she says is murder. Neva Sue O’Dell’s jockey brother has been killed during a race, the horse he was riding—the dead-on derby favorite —lamed. Neva claims her mother and grandfather are involved, having been paid a lot of money to rig the race. Who paid them? Neva doesn’t know, but she wants China to find out and somehow bring those who harmed her brother to their rightful end. It so happens China loves a challenge as much as she hates injustice. Nothing can deter her, even if she sometimes goes a little off-track. When China and Neva are threatened, physically assaulted, and finally kidnapped, China leads this intrepid pair in a daring escape that brings down more than one villain.

"...China Bohannon is one of my very favorite historical sleuths and Ms. Crigger writes with a clear love of the western frontier leavened with a lot of quiet humor and a real knowledge of the period."   Lelia Taylor September 2016    Buried Under Books Review
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China Bohannon is a modern 1890’s career woman, but the Doyle & Howe Detective Agency hasn’t turned her loose on a case of her own just yet. China is champing at the bit and when a call for help comes in, a trip into the mountains above the St. Joe country sounds just the thing to prove her worth and assist a friend at the same time. Porter Anderson’s uncle has disappeared and a Johnny-come-lately timber baron has claimed the family homestead. What’s more, he has a bill of sale for it that Porter knows his uncle didn’t sign. The problem is proving it—or so it would seem. Porter doesn’t believe his uncle sold out and left the country without telling anybody. He’s afraid old Lionel Hooker might be dead—murdered.

Declaring the case unsuitable for a lady like China, Monk takes it on, but now no one has heard from him in days. China sets out to discover his whereabouts as the dry lightning of summer sets the woods ablaze. What she finds is a trail of lies, theft, and murder, with her uncle Monk likely the next victim. Then, just when the problem appears solved, trouble breaks out again. This time, Monk's partner Gratton Doyle is the one in danger and it’s China who must bail him out.

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Smart and sassy 1890s bookkeeper turned sleuth China Bohannon is a magnet for danger. Assigned to office duties in the Doyle & Howe
detective agency, she lands smack in the middle of the detective’s latest murder case when a suspicious character tries to bribe her—and
she takes the bribe! In an adventure that is destined to go downhill from there, China is thrown overboard from a steamboat into Coeur
d’Alene Lake to drown. Escaping that, she’s arrested on charges of prostitution in the wild mining town of Wallace, Idaho. Worse, her
handsome boss, Gratton Doyle, doesn’t see eye-to-eye with her when it comes to determining the leading suspect. Proving her point takes
getting shot when, bloodied though unbowed, China wins a fight more suited to skid road loggers than a proper Victorian lady.

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The gay 1890s aren't always. Gay, that is. Sometimes life is dangerous.

In 1896, there aren't many career choices for a young lady. China Bohannon has fled one bad situation and is looking to start her life over as a strong, independent woman in the wild and woolly town of Spokane, Washington. The trouble is, convincing Gratton Doyle to take her
seriously as a bookkeeper is hard enough, and when it comes to working as an investigator in the Doyle & Howe Detective Agency, it's
well-nigh impossible. But what if China is able to solve a murder cas no one else wants to take on, that of a young girl found dead, her body
tossed in the river? If she can avoid being the next murder victim, will Gratton hire her then? There's only one way to find out.

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