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Short Stories

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Deserted by her no-good husband as she’s about to give birth to yet another child, a woman and her two children fight to survive in the North Idaho wilderness.
Young Grady Edenfield becomes the man of the family in a hurry on the rainy night he loses two little brothers. And his ma? She’s sick, too. Sick and tired of leaving dead babies behind as her husband’s wanderlust constantly moves them on. But this time, Grady finds an deserted cabin and claims it for their home.
As they wait for his pa to return, the small family makes friends and builds a decent life.

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Perry Outworthy has a gruesome childhood memory of blood swirling through water and his mother falling dead on top of him. He knows who killed her, although the sheriff didn’t believe him when the child spoke up. Or was the sheriff afraid of Harlan Greene too? Perry grows up vowing to someday discover why Harlan Greene murdered his mother. But when after fifteen years the outlaw returns to town on the night of the big dance, Perry’s urge for vengeance gets in the way of knowledge.

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The Thistlewaites, an old homesteading family, consists of two branches, and cousins Nellie and Emma are as different as dark and light. Or are they? When Nellie, the indulged cousin has been reported missing, Emma, the poor relation, sees what she can do to help the search for her cousin. She even finds a dead body buried on the Thistlewaite property wearing a distinctive locket which proves it is Nellie. Then Nellie’s parents also die, apparently of broken hearts, and Emma is the final heir. Or is she?

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Bunco artists looking for an easy target are in for a surprise when they run up against a bored former U.S. Marshal and a woman with a dodgy past.
Biden Smith is a successful wheat farmer now, although he wasn't always tied to the land. What's more, he isn't sure he wants to be. He's celebrating an abundant harvest with a few drinks at the local saloon when he's drawn into a poker game with a couple strangers. The talk turns to horses and a big race being held at the state fair and it so happens there's nothing Biden likes better than a good horse race. He's not adverse to laying a few bets either. However, a Mickey Finn and a virtual kidnapping are not in his plans. When he wakes up on a train headed for the coast--considerably lighter in the pocketbook--help to bring the bunco artists to justice arrives from a surprising source. But what is this young woman and her son doing on the train? And why is she as hell bent for revenge as Biden himself?

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Ranch hand Whitey Lewis is desperate for money, and one day he robs a shifty old storekeeper whom he knows has been systematically cheating him. On that same day, not long after the robbery, an Indian, Louis White Tail, comes into the store to buy supplies. Parallels between these two men escapes the storekeeper, but not the good-for-nothing old
dog that takes a liking to both the ranch hand and the India

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Henderson Smith buys an old mare with the idea she'll carry his children safely to and from school during the winter. As he expects, Ira Plano tries to skin him in making the deal, but Henderson hangs tough. It isn't until the men discover the mare is in foal that relations between the two heat up. Turns out the foal was accidentally sired by Plano's
expensive Kentucky stallion and he wants the mare and foal back. He shouldn't rub Henderson the wrong way, though. Threats, shots fired into his barn and skulking around the ranch only make Henderson mad. He and his family are determined that if Plano wants the foal, he's goino have to pay. Invited to place a sealed bid for the foal, Plano wins
the prize, but the question is, who skinned whom?

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Jessie Ann Neal’s childhood ended the day she overheard a man important in the community plotting with her no-good uncle, Red Sylas, to have some time alone with her older sister Roberta. Though young, Jessie Ann knew what that means for Roberta if they succeed. Between the two men, they’d already implicated the girls' brother Aldy, who was a trifle slow, in horse-thievery and other skullduggery. Now they intend on ruining Roberta’s life too. So Jessie tells Aldy what the men plan, which sets him against his former friends. Soon, due to the man’s position, Red and the other man stir the neighbors into action and Aldy is lynched as a horse thief. Now Jessie is out for revenge.

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DRIVEN is a novella set in the post-apocalyptic universe of Hereafter.

Fifty years after the Event that changed the world, descendants of Lily Turnbow and Nate Quick are still contending with mutants,Cits, and Techs.
Rowen clanTower's husband has been murdered while on a diplomatic mission. Rowen and her small son, Vine, are imprisoned and tortured. But those who would usurp the deNorte's power, kill Rowen and claim Vine, along with his magical powers, aren't prepared for Rune clanTower, Rowen's sister.
Rune is a warrior and she'll do anything to see Vine safe, even if it kills her--or means killing everyone in her path.

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