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Nearly all my books and stories have a dog or two in them. Here are examples of some of the breeds I've featured. Most are purebred dogs, although Burlap, included in Liar's Trail, is a smart and lively mixed breed, as is Badger in Black Crossing. In Letter of the Law, I have what I envision as a Great Pyrenees, although I'm not specific.

Photo used with permission of owner. Nimble, in my China Bohannon stories, is a Bedlington terrier like this beautiful dog. Nimble, of course, is not groomed for the show ring, as this one is, so she'd have longer, curly hair, and would probably appear grayer in color. You can see why she might be mistaken for a lamb.  Like all terriers, this one is a "character," both in the sense of a high energy personality, and the part she plays in my China Bohannon novels.

This charmer is Roper, my own little boy. He got his name because 1) he's the color of a new hemp rope, and 2) because he just loves stealing the rope toy from his shih tzu/maltese sister.

Pomeranians come in all colors, and in Lost Girl Lake, Razz is a platinum blonde, like her mistress. Poms can be exceedingly noisy and they have hearts like lions. I have yet to meet one that doesn't think s/he is the size of a Bernese Mountain Dog, but they cuddle up like little love bugs. 
In The Gunsmith series, In SHADOW SOLDIER Boothenay Irons rescues a couple briards from the ravages of World War I. McDuff and Juno join her dad's old Plott hound, Gabriel, in the pages of four of the books. Juno gets less press time because guns firing overhead deafened her, but McDuff . . . well, in the fifth book, GONE ROGUE, he manages to get Boothenay in a dire predicament! I hope some of you will read more about briards and their WWI stories. My dad had a Plott hound when I was a kid. Actually, he had at least two, but he most loved Purple Ribbon Hawkes Idaho Patsy (also known as Bloopy). She was reknown as a cougar and coon hunting dog, was a fabulous tracker and a fearsome fighter of bears.

The breed of dog I feature in my novel Hereafter, and the novella, Driven, are Karelian Bear dogs. The examples of the breed shown to the left are just beautiful, aren't they? In Hereafter I refer to them as black-and-white in color, but as you can see, they are just as likely to be white-and-black. Bear dog isn't part of their name for nothing. They are ferocious fighters. For the most part they are business-like dogs, and loyal to only their family and master/mistress. They don't warm up to domestic cats (or any other kind, for that matter) and possibly not to other dogs in the family. However, if you're in the back country and need a dog to watch your back, a Karelian might be for you. They certainly are for the characters in my stories.

Be sure to check out this Animal Planet video!
The bichon frise to the right could be my own girl in her younger days. My bichon had her 16th birthday on 12/7/16 and sadly, is growing frail, is blind, deaf, and stinky. But that's all right. I love her anyway. She's has been the most wonderful dog to walk with until the last year.   I feature a bichon in my novel HOMETOWN HOMICIDE, from Black Opal Books. You can't ask for a better companion than a bichon, or, as a character in my book calls them, a bitchin' frizzy.  RIP my sweet girl. 6/8/2017 Forever in my heart.
To the left is a gorgeous Samoyed, properly pronounced Sama-yed. This breed is my all time favorite, of whom I've had three, and I'd take another in a New York minute. They have the most beautiful smile and as a general rule are gentle with their family, including the cats.They are, however, not the easiest dog in the world to groom. LOTs of hair. I used to get several grocery bags full from
my own sweet boy, Pinehills Taktangya Sky, when he was shedding in the spring. I always intended to have it spun and made into yarn but never got around to it. And yes, they really do that. He was also known as Sky Bear and crossed the rainbow bridge years ago, but will never be forgotten. He's the model for the Samoyed named Banner in my mystery novel, Hometown Homicide and has more press time than the bichon. In the novel, he is a blood donor, being of the proper size and meeting all criteria.